Real Models™

The Real Models™ technique involves superimposing a jewelry image on to a pre-existing image of a model. The image of the jewelry must be photographed in a very particular way so that the result looks natural.

Usually graphic designers spend a large amount of time trying to force an existing jewelry image on to a model image and, despite the effort, the results are never natural looking. Our technique involves more work shooting but less post-production work apart from masking out the piece and superimposing it on an image of a real model — the key is to shoot the jewelry at precisely the correct angle and lighting condition so that it matches the model’s body position and skin color.

Model images may be purchased from a third party stock photography site or from us. You can also commission us for a  model shoot — the advantage over a traditional model shoot is that you don’t need the jewelry in hand for the shoot.

Keep in mind that these example images are not photoshoped apart from masking out the piece of jewelry and superimposing it on the model image. All shadows, reflections and coloring on the jewelry *and* on the model are 100% natural!