The Commercial Art Lab Clients

“I appreciate your fine photography! It’s the best I’ve seen in all my days of playing this jewelry game.”Jane Taylor

The following list is a selection of clients that have used The Commercial Art Lab for their product photography, advertising and graphic design. References are available upon request.

The Commercial Art Lab Clients

The Clients of The Commercial Art Lab

New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty

Diamonds by Kathy Ireland (New York, NY)
Argyle Diamonds (Sydney, AU)
Marina B (New York, NY)
Meira T (New York, NY)
Phillips (New York, NY and London, UK)
Scarselli Diamonds (New York, NY)
LJ West Diamonds (New York, NY)
Jordan Fine (New York, NY)
Lorraine Schwartz (New York, NY)
Stuart Kingston Jewelers (Wilmington, DE)
Gemfields (New York, NY and London, UK)
Maniamania (Sydney, Australia)
Sorellina (New York, NY)
Venus by Maria Tash (New York, NY)
Jane Taylor (New York, NY)
Ostasz Studio (New York, NY)
T. Gluck (New York, NY)
Hajibay & Co. (New York, NY)
Rio Diamond (New York, NY)
Michael Gad Emerald (New York, NY)
Leon Diamond (New York, NY)
Jack Reiss (New York, NY)
Rehs Co, Inc. (New York, NY)
Rex Jewelry (New York, NY)
Ross Metals (New York, NY)
Lotus Colors (New York, NY)
Prisma Impex (New York, NY)
GLM Shows (Miami, FL)
Palm Beach Show Group (Palm Beach, FL)
Finesse Diamonds (New York, NY)
Isaac Nussbaum (New York, NY)
David and Company (Boston, MA)
Delicate Gems (New York, NY)
The Silver Fund (London, UK)
David Weisz and Sons (New York, NY)
John Jaffa Antique Enamels (London, UK)