Nothing Fancy Here

Except for the amazing 3.03ct fancy color diamond! Just our classic turntable on a matte black background, for @riodiam.

Pearl Planet

The C.A.L. team just discovered a new planet made entirely out of pearls from @assaelpearls.

Never Enough Sparkle

Couldn’t help but post another from @alexiaconnellan. Just too much sparkle to resist!

Never Too Much

@ljwestdiamonds asks, “why make a necklace out of gold, when we can make one entirely out of diamonds?”h

Sorellina GIF

Some lovely necklaces from one of our best clients.

Earrings from Alexia Connellan

A striking combination of Welo opal from Ethiopia and untreated Amethyst from Siberia with Sphene gems to hold it all together.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

These lovely fancy yellow diamond earrings love to spin almost as much as they love to shine.

Emerald City

Life is green.

A Rare Flyover

We’ve been posting a lot of rings lately, but this one is extra fun. A rare flyover for @finnjewelry that we made a while back

A Rare White Background

It can be difficult to flatter a ring with a white background, but VD Global’s lovely pieces make it easy for us.