Green Fancy Color Diamond

Quality never gets old.

Qetia Dangles

Whoa! A selection of righteous dangles from @qetianyc that know how to hang low!

Black and White

Which background is more flattering for this fancy purple?

Green Diamond Earrings

It’s that time of year to thank mama for all her hard work. And nothing says “thank you” quite like this suspended green diamond earring video, specifically.

Eternity Band

The best way to avoid bad pictures of yourself is to make sure that every side is your good side.

Blue in Green

Take a good gander at this incredible fancy vivid blue-green we just shot for @optimumdiamondsnyc

Black Opal Ring

We had to pull out all the stops for this beauty. Another rare flyover for this beautifully crafted black opal piece from @anthonylentjewelry.

Point No Point

Have a taste of this collection of engagement rings from @pointnopointstudio_ in conjunction with @greenwichstjewelers.

Watch Turntable

On occasion, we also shoot fancy watches.

Green Diamond

Some say that we make the diamonds spin, but at C.A.L. we feel that the diamonds spin us.