Hydrangea Earrings

I didn’t know that pearls could bloom! These Hydrangea Earrings from @alexiaconnellan bring extra life to its featured South Sea pearls.

Another Purple Diamond

Some very beautiful inclusions on this 2.78 ct fancy intense purple!

Jacqueline Barbosa Ring

@jacquelinebarbosajewels strikes again with another unbelievable ring! Her designs seem to have a life of their own.

Seeing Red

You’re not seeing red. It’s just a couple more gorgeous fancy color diamonds from @optimumdiamondsnyc.

Fancy Brown Pink Ring

We’ve seen a lot of big diamonds come through our studio, but this 10 carat fancy brown pink from @kristinhason is something special.

Fancy Purple Diamons

A couple of purple beauties from @optimumdiamondsnyc.

Every Diamond Cut

Can’t decide which kind of diamond cut you like the most? Why not have all of them?

Mood of the Month

Get into the mood of the month with this 4.0+ ct fancy vivid blue hexagon diamond.

Aquamarine Ring

Another unbelievable ring by @anthonylentjewelry. This time in aquamarine.

Moonstone Ring

This ring, appropriately featuring a sphere of moonstone, is large enough to create its own gravity. Featured: @anthonylentjewlry.