Maria Tash & Lab Shot Curated Ears

Check out a few of our favorite ears styled by Maria Tash (in Maria Tash jewelry, of course!). All photos are shot by The Commercial Art Lab.

Reinstein Ross on Ella Darr

Model Ella Darr models chic pearls by Reinstein Ross. Shot by The Commercial Art Lab’s President Dr. Chad Johnson.

Ella Darr

The Commercial Art Lab & Ella Darr: Behind the Scenes

The Commercial Art Lab President Dr. Chad Johnson recently shot model Ella Dar for a top-secret campaign. Take a sneaky peek at some behind the scenes footage. We move at the speed of science here at The Lab.

Escape to Times Square

President of The Commercial Art Lab, Chad Johnson, left the Diamond District (wearing proper PPE, of course) and snapped some photos of an escaped mental patient taking in the apocalyptic scene of Times Square. We believe in safety first and are committed to creating art during this time of quarantine while following proper protocol.

Maud Lununfeld Throwback Test Shoot

As we practice social distancing, today we’re nostalgic for this throwback test shoot with Maud Lununfeld. We’re currently still open and available for virtual product shoots, however, it’s never too early to start planning your next campaign. Let’s plot, plan, and think outside the box so you can hit the ground running as the world reopens. Contact us at (and enjoy these gorgeous shots of Maud while you’re at it).

maud lununfeld
maud lununfeld
maud lununfeld

2020 Luxury Items Starring Victor Barboné Jewelry

These vintage rings from Victor Barboné Jewelry go with absolutely everything you need to survive the pandemic.

MUSE Showroom Test Shoot

MUSE Showroom necklaces and bracelets shine bright in this model test shoot we did over the weekend. For all the gear heads wondering, we used a broncolor USA to make the diamonds sparkle.

MUSE Showroom necklaces
MUSE Showroom necklace and bracelets

PSA from CAL

Don’t forget to stock up on toilet paper and wash frequently touched surfaces!

the commercial art lab

The Commercial Art Lab is committed to following the state’s strict guidelines for social distancing, isolation, as well as our own disinfection protocols.

the commercial art lab

Email us at to learn more about our virtual jewelry photoshoots. We are here to adapt and work with you in modern ways to utilize e-commerce during this unprecedented time.

Debra Navarro Jewelry

The pieces that @debranavarro.jewlery makes are gorgeous when they’re being worn, and they belong in a modern art gallery when they’re not.


Throwback to when we crystallized @julietamiquelarena in some incredible ice from @swarovski and @adinas.jewels.