Mother of Pearl

Another showstopper from our motion control robot Lucy from @mrmoco1. You can only see the full beauty of Mother of Pearl with a video, so we went all out with this flyover.

Motion Control Robot

Stop on green, go on red! Live life like there’s no tomorrow! Lucy, our new motion control robot from @mrmoco1 has got the right idea.

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Something a little bit different this time. We took this pair of beautiful mother of pearl and fancy purple diamond earrings from @optimumdiamondsnyc for some spins, zooms, and pans with our new motion control robot, Lucy.

Camouflage Pave

We almost didn’t spot the beautiful watch behind all that sick camouflage pave.

Phone Cases

Have a look at these sleek phone case designs we shot for @zero_halliburton a few months ago!

More Moon Stuff

We had a lot of fun helping @zero_halliburton to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions!

Moving to the Moon

One small step for photography, one giant leap for The Commercial Art Lab! Enjoy these moontastic selects from our Apollo anniversary shoot for @zero_halliburton.

Time is Golden

Fact: gold watches keep more accurate time that any other type of watch.

Zero Halliburton

Zero shows off how easily their cases can be repurposed.

Arazi Diamond Pens

Diamonds should be a part of every aspect of your life. Especially when you’re writing a cheque.