Beauty in Simplicity

We’ve been posting a lot of fancy colors lately, but @jackreissdiamonds is here to show us how beauty can be found in simplicity. With a diamond upward of 8.0ct, of course…

More Lent

Can’t get enough of these pieces from @anthonylentjewelry. Featuring, this time, one of their signature moon face rings. Laden with sapphires and white diamonds.

Doryn Wallach Model Shoot

No one’s ear ever looked so good, thanks to the combined efforts of @dorynwallachjewelry and yours truly.

There’s Always a Bigger Diamond

We’ve seen a lot of big diamonds come through our doors, but @leondiamond always seems to find a new way to break expectations.

Always Watching

@sorellinajewelry only has eyes for you.

Who Needs Metal Anyway?

Ever wonder what would happen if you replaced all of the metal on a ring with diamonds? Well here’s one of the most amazingly iced our pieces we’ve ever shot, with giant pink and blue fancy color diamonds!

Yellow Soul

Yellow diamonds, yellow gold, yellow soul. If you need more yellow, just call @juliuskleindiamonds and they’ll set you up.

Squiggle Squiggle Squiggle

The tale of how seven squiggles from @kbhjewels became best friends.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Ross metals brings a touch of nature to their pendants.

Maple Leaf Cut

One of the most unique and interesting cuts we’ve come across. If you look closely, there is the shape of a maple leaf cut into the very center of it.