Cannabis Jewelry to Celebrate 420

Cannabis jewelry is all the rage, and with the ongoing legalization and normalization of marijuana and CBD, we expect to see even more of it. To celebrate 420, the infamous cannabis holiday, we’re sharing our favorite 420-friendly images we shot featuring Sorellina Jewelry and Brent Neale.

Sorellina necklace
Brent Neale tiara
Brent Neale Flower Vase ring

Sorellina necklace

Got Gems?

Got gems? @jordanalexanderjewelry sure does, and they’ve put all of them on these unbelievable dangles!

Monday Blues

Got the monday blues? Check out this astonishing 1.93 ct bluish green from @optimumdiamondsnyc!

Lauren Klein Jewelry

Lauren Klein’s uniquely textured metal creates a fun challenge for us. It’s always satisfying to see every part of the piece shine.

Sunbathing Season

Get ready for sunbathing season. These beautiful diamond pieces from @juliuskleindiamonds are already getting their tan on.

Mother of Pearl

Another showstopper from our motion control robot Lucy from @mrmoco1. You can only see the full beauty of Mother of Pearl with a video, so we went all out with this flyover.

Fancy Vivid Greenish Blue

Every day is a good day to spin a diamond. Check out this beautiful 1.63ct fancy vivid greenish blue.

Motion Control Robot

Stop on green, go on red! Live life like there’s no tomorrow! Lucy, our new motion control robot from @mrmoco1 has got the right idea.

Debra Navarro Jewelry

One more bit of praise for @debranavarro. jewelry and how incredible their pieces look under our light and on our fingers.

Fancy Green Blue Pear

We love making diamonds look their very best, and I think we knocked it out of the park with this 2.0+ ct Fancy Green Blue Pear.