Maria Tash & Lab Shot Curated Ears

Check out a few of our favorite ears styled by Maria Tash (in Maria Tash jewelry, of course!). All photos are shot by The Commercial Art Lab.

Reinstein Ross on Ella Darr

Model Ella Darr models chic pearls by Reinstein Ross. Shot by The Commercial Art Lab’s President Dr. Chad Johnson.

Ella Darr

Assael Proves There’s No Wrong Way to Wear Pearls

The Lab’s client, Assael Pearls, creates gorgeous designs that run from classic elegant pearl necklaces to colorful earrings. Enjoy photos of some of our favorites.

Assael Pearls

J FINE Creates Gorgeous Gems and Jewelry, Too

We’re kicking off this week’s Monday Motivation with an appreciation post for J FINE. Not only do they create gorgeous diamonds (in particular, pink diamonds) but stunning jewelry, too.

Get you a client who can do both. Below are a few of our favorite shots.

J FINE double diamond
J FINE earrings

Healing Green Tourmaline

Lore states that tourmaline contains protective properties, and green tourmaline, such as this raw gem we shot for Debra Navarro, may be the perfect pandemic stone. Green tourmaline is associated with health and healing. While the Lab can’t confirm scientific evidence of this, we can say that quarantine is easier with things of beauty such as this loose stone.

Debra Navarro

Cannabis Jewelry to Celebrate 420

Cannabis jewelry is all the rage, and with the ongoing legalization and normalization of marijuana and CBD, we expect to see even more of it. To celebrate 420, the infamous cannabis holiday, we’re sharing our favorite 420-friendly images we shot featuring Sorellina Jewelry and Brent Neale.

Sorellina necklace
Brent Neale tiara
Brent Neale Flower Vase ring

Sorellina necklace

2020 Luxury Items Starring Victor Barboné Jewelry

These vintage rings from Victor Barboné Jewelry go with absolutely everything you need to survive the pandemic.

MUSE Showroom Test Shoot

MUSE Showroom necklaces and bracelets shine bright in this model test shoot we did over the weekend. For all the gear heads wondering, we used a broncolor USA to make the diamonds sparkle.

MUSE Showroom necklaces
MUSE Showroom necklace and bracelets

Have A Heart X Muse and The Commercial Art Lab

Have A Heart X Muse, “a cool, collaborative, charitable charm collection” created by Jennifer Shanker, owner of MUSE, is featured in Forbes for their heart inspired jewelry featuring photography by The Commercial Art Lab.

We’re always thrilled when our clients get press, and in this case, it is especially well-deserved.

The line originally launched during the holidays in 2019 at Bergdorf Goodman. MUSE collaborated with various noteworthy women to create a charm necklace or bracelet with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity of their choosing. As Beth Bernstein writes in Forbes, the ambassadors include Lizzie Tisch for Citymeals on Wheels; Deborah Watson for Project ALS and for Stacy London for the Jed Foundation. The more recent ambassadors to join the project are Laura Brown, editor in chief of Instyle Magazine, for Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Stellene Volandes, editor in chief of Town & Country Magazine, for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS – COVID19 Emergency Relief Fund.

Congrats to MUSE for your Forbes feature and thank you for giving back during this difficult time.

The Commercial Art Lab Can Help You Utilize Online Jewelry Sales

The Commercial Art Lab is still open and ready to help you maintain business through online sales during this unprecedented time. As retail sales suffer due to COVID-inflicted brick and mortar closures, online shopping is more important than ever. With the rise of Zoom meetings, Facetime calls, and selfies, people still want to look their best. Jewelry, through an adorned ear or a diamond ring, offers customers the solace of luxury amidst the chaos. Whether a client wants to treat themselves to a necklace or buy a loved one earrings to show their appreciation, we can help your merchandise look its best through virtual jewelry photoshoots. 

We follow the state’s strict guidelines for social distancing and isolation and will be with you through every step of the process. 

Step 1: Merchandise is shipped or messenger to us. 

Step 2: A single photographer on-site receives the merchandise and shoots your product. You can be there through Zoom for the entire shoot to continue to art direct and approve jewelry photography. 

Step 3: We send you photographs via WeTransfer. 

It’s that easy.

The current pandemic is asking us all to look to the future. The earliest finding of jewelry goes back 25,000 years ago and will live on well past COVID-19. It’s time to think outside the box with virtual showrooms, remote styling, online consultations, or traditional e-commerce. The Commercial Art Lab is committed to adapting jewelry photography to fit your needs, so you can continue to give your customers the joy of beauty throughout this challenging time. 

An array of elegance from Gems of Note