Michelle Fantaci’s new bridal collection, photographed by The Commercial Art Lab

Congratulations to Michelle Fantaci on launching her new bridal collection! All of the photography in this National Jeweler article was done by us.

Jewelry photography for Sorellina in National Jeweler, by The Commercial Art Lab

Congratulations to Sorellina for their piece of the week in National Jeweler! We photographed their initialized rock crystal, pinky ring as featured in the article. The initial is rendered in rhodium-plated 18-karat gold and diamond. The shank is also 18 karat gold.

Jewelry photography for Maria Tash in WWD, by The Commercial Art Lab

One of our photos of a Maria Tash rose gold diamond earring featured in Women’s Wear Daily! Congratulations to Maria for her expansion into Canada!


Man Ray advertisement for Venus Body Arts, video by The Commercial Art Lab

Well for once I have a post that has nothing to do with jewelry! I did this video nearly five years ago, as an advertisement for the tattoo and piercing shop, Venus Body Arts, at 31 Avenue A in New York City.  The concept was an homage to Man Ray’s photograph, “Ingres’s Violin” for which Kiki de Montparnasse was the model. He, of course, was inspired by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres but the purpose of the work was to objectify the model. In Man Ray’s photograph she was shown as a violin — an instrument that he could play. In my work, the model is also an object but in this case she is the canvas for the tattoo artist to draw his art.  We had one of the resident tattoo artists pretend to tattoo the violin f-holes on to the model.

Naturally when we cast for this, we looked for a model that had just the right shape — a small hip-to-waist ratio to really accentuate the violin effect.  We ended up casting Irene Josse as Kiki and she did a tremendous job for both the video and still shoots. Makeup was done by Tommy Joiner. The soundtrack is “Electric Fire” by EO. We did the shoot at Ruby Bird Studio which is a warehouse space in Brooklyn. The exposed brick wall turned out to be a perfect backdrop for this concept.

I’m still immensely proud of this video!


20+ carat sapphire ring, jewelry video by The Commercial Art Lab

We recently did this video of a 20+ carat, blue sapphire ring. The stone is amazingly bright and clean!

14+ carat, fancy yellow diamond ring video, Jewelry video by The Commercial Art Lab

Check out this lovely 14+ carat, fancy yellow diamond ring video we did
for T. Gluck. Jewelry video by The Commercial Art Lab.

Jewelry video for Michael Austein by The Commercial Art Lab

A radiant cut diamond ring video we recently did for Michael Austein.

Petal rings by Krainz Creations, jewelry photography by The Commercial Art Lab


I absolutely love these emerald and sapphire petal rings by Krainz Creations that we photographed recently!


Echo Collection by Michelle Fantaci, Jewelry photography by The Commercial Art Lab

We just wrapped up a shoot for Michelle Fantaci Jewelry. Take a look at these fantastic shapes! This is a cuff, hoop earrings and ring from her Echo collection.

Jewelry photography for Two of Most

We just wrapped up another shoot with the incredibly talented designer, Alyssa Mischon at Two of Most.  Here are some of our finished images from last year’s shoot as well as tear sheet from JCK Magazine.