Portfolio video reel

Jewelry product video is the newest offering at The Commercial Art Lab. The function of video is very different from still photography; where a still photo shows tremendous detail of one view, the video is intended to show many angles quickly and emphasize how the piece looks in motion (which is how most people view objects since everyone is constantly in motion). Video is particularly effective for showing diamonds because so much of their beauty is in the sparkle that occurs with motion and is impossible to capture with still photography.  Video is also more effective when there is a great deal of detail on multiple sides of the piece; we can always take multiple still photos, but often a single video ends up being a more economical approach. There is also the possibility of overlaying music or commentary if the piece has an interesting back-story. You can choose a white, black, gray or colored gradient background. Typically we do at least two different views of the rotation, such as a view of the whole product and then a transition to a very closeup, detailed view. Customers report that video improves conversion and sales of their jewelry.

Of course, there are limitations to video; retouching is nearly impossible so it is imperative to clean the piece before taking the video. Also, the video must be shot in a vibration-free environment (the average office has a lot of vibration).

Check out our portfolio video reel below: