Loose colored diamond video

I just did two videos of loose diamonds for Lotus Colors. These diamonds are enhanced to bring out optimal color, and they are really intense!  Below I show a comparison between the still photograph and the video I did of the same diamond.

blue 67406306D 4.03 VS2 princess

Lotus, blue 4.03 VS2 princess


yellow 67406404D 1.55 SI1 radiant

Lotus, yellow 1.55 SI1 radiant

One of the challenges of shooting very small diamonds like this is mitigating vibration. I use a combination of software (the warp stabilizer in Adobe Premiere and After Effects is particularly effective) as well as solid equipment. I use a big heavy tripod, a solid shooting table and a turntable from Arqspin (https://arqspin.com).  However, even with good equipment, some vibration is inevitable and must be cleaned up in post-production.