December 2019

End of Year Layouts

Happy last day of 2019! Sending you off into the new decade with some help from the fabulous @sophieratner_jewelry.

Powerful Purples

Two small but very powerful fancy purples. Small stars always shine the brightest.

Ursa Major

Some very satisfying pieces to look at, courtesy of Ursa Major Jewelry.

Gazza Ladra Shoot

Happy almost New Year to all! We hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday season. Another couple from our @gazzaladrajewelry shoot.

Gazza Ladra Jewelry

Stay warm this holiday season with a gold piece from @gazzaladrajewelry. Much warmer than a sweater.

Gazza Ladra Look Book

Three from our look book shoot for @gazzaladrajewelry.

Gems by Susan Kottemann

A few very clean gems that we shot for @susankottemann. 1. Lilac spinel 2. Afghani indicolite 3. Tsavorite garnet 4. Tsavorite group.

Optimum Dangles

Another mind boggling pair of dangles form @optimumdiamondsnyc. Featuring two 4.0+ ct yellow diamonds and a ton of emeralds!

Fancy Pink Diamond

Another unbelievable 10+ ct fancy pink diamond! Our pleasure to make it shine.

Dramatic Shadows

Check out the dramatic shadows on these product shots for our @battalion_pr shoot.