November 2019

Crescent Mood

@anthonylentjewelry has got a ring for every occasion. Even for today’s waxing crescent moon.

Almost Thanksgiving

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! Enjoy this layout from FS Designs!

Sorellina Earrings

Have a look at this selection of some of our favorite earrings we’ve shot for @sorellinajewelry. Featuring our personal favorite design, the Guitar Pick earrings.

Vivid Yellow-Orange Diamond

Love is vivid yellow-orange.

Hydrangea Earrings

I didn’t know that pearls could bloom! These Hydrangea Earrings from @alexiaconnellan bring extra life to its featured South Sea pearls.

Another Purple Diamond

Some very beautiful inclusions on this 2.78 ct fancy intense purple!

Adinas Jewels Model Shoot

A quick sneak peak at some of our favorites from our recent shoot with @adinas.jewels.

Andrew Glassford Earrings

Check out this selection of beautiful earrings we had the chance to shoot for @andrewglassfordjewels.

Jacqueline Barbosa Ring

@jacquelinebarbosajewels strikes again with another unbelievable ring! Her designs seem to have a life of their own.

Seeing Red

You’re not seeing red. It’s just a couple more gorgeous fancy color diamonds from @optimumdiamondsnyc.