May 2019

Last Day of Spring

Tomorrow is the day that spring officially makes way for summer. Let’s welcome these good months with this lovely bouquet from our @reinsteinross shoot, in correlation with @kruppgroup.

ASD Ring

A simple yet elegant video for a simple yet elegant ring. Quality always shows when you let it.

Gemini Season

Which sign are you?

With Even More Clarity

Another good one from the shoot with @mywithclarity.

Memorial Day

We hope everyone is having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy this very fancy ring.

The Iron Ring

Looks like something a Targaryen would wear, no?

Flame Bracelet

Here at The Commercial Art Lab we always like to keep Halloween just around the corner. Bracelet by @stellaflamejewelry.

With More Clarity

Another few selections form our shoot with @mywithclarity.

A Splash of Light

A splash of light for this dramatic ring from @sorellinajewelry

My With Clarity

Congratulations to @mywithclarity for their new website launch. It was a blast getting to shoot for them. Here are some of our favorite selections from the shoot.