January 2019

A Rare Flyover

We’ve been posting a lot of rings lately, but this one is extra fun. A rare flyover for @finnjewelry that we made a while back

An Archeological Find

Victor Barbone dug up some vintage rings for a layout.

A Royal Layout

Centuries ago, Queen Elizabeth I forbade anyone outside of the royal family from wearing or using the color purple. But Kathy Ireland doesn’t play by the rules. She’s procured her own royal status.

A Rare White Background

It can be difficult to flatter a ring with a white background, but VD Global’s lovely pieces make it easy for us.

Fruity Layout

A touch of color gives @charlotteallisonjewelry pieces a fruity vibe.

Many Diamonds on One Ring

Sometimes there are just never enough diamonds.

Moody Jewelry

@two.of.most is lurking in the shadows.

Diamonds and Gold

Just like Versailles, one’s fingers should be covered with gold leaf.

Arazi Diamond Pens

Diamonds should be a part of every aspect of your life. Especially when you’re writing a cheque.

Krainz Rainbow Bracelets

For Krainz Creations there is no treasure at the end of the rainbow. The treasure is the rainbow.