Ben-Amun: Our Latest Client

I’m very excited to be working with Ben-Amun! I met them at the September ENK Coterie show at Javits in New York City and they got in touch with me after the show to shoot some of their jewelry.

Yesterday I shot a test image for them — this piece of jewelry is a necklace from their collection which they brought to the studio. In my first shot of the piece, I reversed the “BA” logo… oops. I reshot just the logo in the correct orientation and overlayed it on the original shot since I had already done some post-production work that I didn’t want to redo. The details are always vital — you have to constantly be aware of them as well as changing conditions, eg. a speck of dust landing on an important bit. Post-production can fix a lot but it’s almost always easier to get it right in the camera the first time and if you are shooting a large quantity of items you don’t really have time to do extensive post-production work. In this particular example, there is very little retouching (apart from the logo overlay): I removed a little yellow cast from the metal, bumped the saturation on the stones and then made the background pure white. Even though I shot it on a white surface, the background was still a very light gray which can easily be eliminated with a levels adjustment.