Rotating Jewelry Product Videos

I’ve started offering product videos for my clients. The item is placed on a turntable that slowly rotates while the camera records the video. The advantage of this is, of course, motion and, unlike the 360 spins, it doesn’t require any special software. The major drawbacks are similar to 360 spins — it is impossible to do any serious post-production so everything must be made perfect right in front of the camera.

Another limitation is that for products that require a support structure, such as earrings, that support will be visible in the video. I’m working on clever ways of showing these kinds of items. I suspect the best solution is to hang the item from monofilament¬†and then rotate from an upside-down turntable. Also I’ve had some difficulty stabilizing the turntable and camera in environments that have some vibration.

A lot of my clients are on high floors and there is always some vibration and movement which I can usually overcome with still photography but becomes readily apparent in a smooth video. Anyway, check out a few of the videos I’ve done recently (for optimum quality, click through to vimeo and watch it in HD):