June 2013

360 Degree Product Rotation Views

Lately I’ve been working on creating 360 degree, rotating product views. Take a look at my first attempt below. There are 67 images used for this rotation and they are not altered or retouched in any way. Naturally, increasing the number of images creates a smoother rotation but it becomes slower to load, requires more time to photograph and becomes prohibitively time consuming to produce if any retouching or background clipping is necessary. The fact that post-production is difficult means that everything has to be done right at the time of the shoot — it’s very difficult to go back and remove imperfections like dust, fibers and scratches. Also, the lighting needs to be absolutely perfect; placement and color. In this case I had to balance three different lighting needs: the metal, the diamonds and the emerald. Typically for producing a single still image I would do this with three separate images and then combine them later.

The other challenge, and one that I didn’t fully appreciate before I tried it, was the difficulty of centering the piece and deciding what should be the center. For the ring, I decided the stone should be (mostly) at the center and the band should rotate around it. I used a contractors plumb-bob to find the center of the white plastic under-support and then placed the back-side of the stone directly under the bob (which would never quite sit still). I’m looking into alternatives that might be more accurate and stable, such as a laser.

The viewer is the free version from Web Rotate 360. I choose it because I wanted something that loaded quickly, could easily be used within WordPress and wasn’t expensive. I believe the full version is around $300. I tried one from heartcode (http://heartcode.robertpataki.com/360-image-slider/) which is totally free and open source. I loved the smoothness and versatility of it, but for some reason the images are insanely slow to load.

Anyway, have a look and thanks to Maria Tash for loaning the ring to me (the ring is for sale…). I’ll be posting more rotations in the near future.

Storefront at 31 Ave. A

Last summer I did a fashion photo shoot in Destin, Fl for Venus Body Arts (located at 31 Ave. A in New York City’s East Village). The theme of the photo shoot was “Fashion is Forever” and the concept was to depict an end-of-the-world type scene and contrast it with a beautiful model and high fashion; “The world might be ending but you still look fantastic!” These are the images that were finally selected.



20120704_1302 20120702_1087 20120702_1075-long

Below are the store graphics. In the front I created a sand-dune beach scene below the images. The sand dunes were made out of clay and sand with fake vegetation embedded in the clay.




A big thanks to the make up artist, Tracy Bonner and the two models: Stephanie K and Ghana Perez-Mike.